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The Secrets of Clean Eating

The Secrets of Clean Eating

Robert Baldwin
best breakfast ever
Who the hell puts flowers in their cereal?

So, I have to be real with you... there’s a white stain on the front of my black shirt. It’s Caesar dressing (not something else 😉) and for the first time in quite a while — I ate a salad.

I've gained 20lbs... of fat. My diet went from plant based, whole grains, low sugar – to frozen White Castle sliders, takeout , and desserts.

My friend Gissel lost about 30lbs over the course of 6 months. "Say goodbye to the Cheesy Gordita Crunch," she says. And when I asked her specifically what changed, she described a similar eating lifestyle I had 20lbs ago. Here's what it's all about:

Clean eating is a lifestyle that avoids processed foods. Instead, you eat whole, natural, and fresh foods.

Prepping Green Beans

Focus On Lean Protein and Lot's of Veggies

Salads, wraps, chicken satay, whole grains, farro, brown rice, quinoa, kale, spinach, tofu, salmon, vegetarian meats 👏.

Did it come from the garden or a cardboard box? You get the idea.

Try to stick with plant-based products whenever possible. For #men chicken eggs and dairy can increase estrogen by 26% and reduces testosterone by 19%

Phytoestrogens actually increase testosterone for men. So don't believe that fake af story that soy increases estrogen.

Don’t believe me... watch Game Changers on Netflix.

Cut The Sugar and Excess Starch

So, we know that rice and potatoes are reduced to sugars and stored as fat by the liver. A little bit is okay. A big ass bowl of mashed potatoes is not.

Check the sugar labels on your food. Anything over a few grams per serving (like the 30 grams in a can of Coke) is way too much.

Cut The Processed Food

I know I know... I freaking love a ham and cheese Hot Pocket. Can you say Princess Pony Pop Tarts? Sugar and Junk. I may have eaten a whole box of pumpkin donuts from Trader Joe's last week. Time to say goodbye. 👋

Small Rewards

Gissel said that whenever she had a craving for her favorite junk food — Hot Cheetos, or ice cream, she would have a tiny amount (like a few Cheetos or one spoon of ice cream) and then put it away.

Water. Water. Water.

Add some lemon, and drink the hell out of this. Whenever I'm hungry or craving something, I drink a glass of ice cold water and guess what? Most of the time you are really just thirsty, not starving for a large pizza from Dominos.

Watch Out For Bullshit

Lot's of these basic bishes out there say “ohh it's clean or healthy” but the recipes they post are full of sugar and way too much fat.

Sorry dears, but honey and agave are still sugar. Use Stevia instead. Also watch out for excess oil. A tiny ass amount goes a LONG way.

You also don't need to go to the farmers market on Saturday morning to get the most organic perfect vegetables. Do what works for you. Try to do some pre-work chopping on Sunday or meal prep some staples for a veggie sausage sheet pan.

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