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So You Want to Torrent?

So You Want to Torrent?

Robert Baldwin
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What Is A Torrent?

I'll start off by saying that there's a lot of legal torrent files and it's perfectly normal to download them.

Torrent works by letting you download multiple parts of a file from a bunch of different people who are also downloading it. Whenever you download a file, you also share little parts of it with people who want it.

There's a lot of legal gray areas around peer-to-peer file sharing that I won't go into. If you want to download torrent files and not have any issues - use a 3rd party.

Your Own Personal Netflix

This is where comes in. You tell it which files you want and their servers download and host your files. You get $9.99 a month for 100TB which is a lot. It's over a hundred movies if that's what you were asking šŸ˜‰

With you can download any torrent if you want, they have smart TV apps, and you can watch / cast from your phone. Their servers are overseas which helps with those legal gray areas.

Finding Torrents

Here are some popular sites. You can also Google top torrent sites and see others.


Let's say you go to a torrent site, you search for a TV show or movie and you find the listing.

Example Search

Here's the search results for American Horror Story. It shows the seeders, the leechers, the time it was uploaded, and the size of the file for each result.

Click the one you want to see the listing details.

Context: Seeders is how many people are actively serving the file. And leechers are how many people who are actively downloading the file. Basically how popular the file is and if it's still available to download.

You want to right-click and copy the magnet link. It's sort of an hidden key to the file. You're gonna give that to

Login to, click New Transfer in the top right and select the option for Paste Link.

Click Start Transfers. That's it! In a few minutes your files will be ready for viewing.

Even faster: If you use the Chrome extension you can right-click any magnet link and it downloads to your files.

Check it out!

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