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Hello Fancy Hands

Hello Fancy Hands

Robert Baldwin
Photo by Kobu Agency / Unsplash

Are you busy? Overworked? 😑 Maybe there's too much on your plate? I feel it. There's always too much to do and never enough time in the day.

Thankfully, I work from home a lot. It's still demanding though. Lot's of conference calls, projects, countless emails... you get the idea. Fancy Hands is just what I needed. It's like having my very own personal assistant...but for the fraction of the cost!

Sanity. Saved. 

For $29/month you get 5 tasks handled for you. And there's a discount Below.

  • You can delegate anything requiring a phone or computer.
  • You can request via the app, text, email, call in, or submit requests online.
  • They document all calls, notes, and send back exactly what you need.  

I was hesitant at first. Could a random stranger really handle my tasks? They sure as hell can.


They renewed my AAA membership, researched social media management platforms, found great gift ideas for my dad's birthday, and cussed out West Elm for losing my refund. 🥊 They basically did all of the stuff that I didn't have time to do.

They were fast, effective, and slayed the house down.

Some Other Examples

  • Schedule a doctor's appointment.
  • Set up my visit for the DMV.
  • Purchase a gift for my dad's birthday.
  • Find the best deals on CBD products.  

I Used Them at Work Too

  • Go through my emails and unsubscribe from spam.
  • Load these contacts into my CRM.
  • Summarize this spending report by vendor.
  • List 20 competitors in my area with their website and contact info.
  • Write a short blog post related to my business.
  • Draft 5 social media posts for the next week.
  • Draft an email marketing campaign in MailChimp.

After a few weeks of FH nailing it – I upgraded my plan to get more tasks.

Try it out!

Here's The ModMil Referral Code For A 50% Discount off of your first month.