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10 Must-Have Sustainable Gifts

10 Must-Have Sustainable Gifts

Robert Baldwin

You've got to check out these items! We've found some great products and brands that make perfect gifts & stocking stuffers for the holiday season.

1. Love Goodly Cruelty-Free Vegan Beauty and Wellness Boxes

Love Goodly is finding companies that meet its mission of providing non-toxic, eco-friendly products. These boxes make great gifts for your green and clean buddies/ lady friends. AND they support vetted high-quality brands.

2. Endangered Species Brand Fair Trade Chocolate

This chocolate is dedicated to making our world a better place. This animal loving chocolatier is uncovering ways to do so with their passion for bringing out the best of the cocoa bean, while supporting environmental recovery projects. It's a win for your boo boo AND endangered species. Check out their sampler pack:

3. Beesewax Reusable Food Wraps

These wraps are ideal for covering leftovers or wrapping your lunch. Low-cost and they're a nice alternative to plastic.

4. Twone Recycled Travel Notebooks

Need something for that special Carrie Bradshaw in your life? These notebooks are just the right size and perfect for work, travel, and of course, journaling. Made from 100% recycled products.

5. Sprout Plantable Graphite Pencils

What better to go with a 100% recycled material notebook than these lovely pencils that become herbs and flowers when the lead runs out. Plants plants plants. Check em out!

6. Earth Hero Zero Waste Gift Boxes

Earth Hero partners with products that are 100% sustainable and leave zero waste end-to-end. Plus they help that special, not so eco-friendly, someone discover alternative, eco-friendly products.  

7. An Audible Subscription

Digital products are great gift ideas because they leave a near-zero carbon footprint, provide hours of learning and entertainment, AND (let's be real) require minimal effort on your part when it comes to holiday shopping- WIN/ WIN?

8. Houseplants and Panda Pots

Made with 100% recycled plastic these eco-friendly practical pots are a welcome addition to any home garden. Pair with a plant from your local nursery 🌿

9. Macbook Air

Macbooks with an aluminum shell last for years. My 2013 Macbook is still going strong in 2019. Because their products are built to last, we had to add them to this list.

10. Green Up Boxes

These boxes are on a mission towards plastic recovery. They were rated #1 on Buzzfeed's list of best boxes. They send customers a box with sustainable, reusable items each month.